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Nexus Letters

What are Nexus Letters?

Nexus Letters

Nexus Letters

What are Nexus Letters?

NEXUS letters are letters from a veteran’s current physician stating their medical opinion regarding the service-connection of a veteran’s condition(s). The VA is required by law to have clear and definite proof that a condition was caused by military service and no other cause before they can provide disability benefits. MAJ Hawkins  has experience writing Nexus letters for Veterans filing VA disability claims. If you desire this service, MAJ  Hawkins will need complete medical records relevant to your relevant medical condition. Request an appointment today.

Successful Cases

What our Patients are Saying

“I must admit that initially his youth made me a bit nervous. All my psychiatrists before were strern grandfather-like older guys. But it didn’t take long too apppreciate how very competent, professional, and thorough Dr Hawkins was. I really liked how he wasn’t hesitant to try newer medications on the market.”


Grapevine, Texas
“I like how he does psychiatry and weight loss. He was the perfect doctor for me because my weight was a huge part of my depression. I didn’t want to leave my bed unless I was going to the fridge. It wasn’t easy,but with his help and weight loss products I lost my depression and 25 pounds.”


Coppell, Texas
“I come from a very religious family and my for years my dad was not trying to hear any talk of  seeing a psychiatrist.  But we had to do something after I couldn’t hold a job and kept losing weight. And after a few MDs we got even more discouraged. No doctor spent the time like him (Dr Germaine B Hawkins) to really understand and treat my depression. Now I am engaged and in line for promotion!”


Waxahachie, Texas

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