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TMS Therapy

TMS therapy is a drug-free, FDA-cleared treatment that uses gentle magnetic pulses to re-activate the parts of the brain affected in depression


Dr. Hawkins has formulated two proprietary products for optimal brain function – Advyndra for focus and mood support and Serinytex for sleep support


 MCN Micro Current Neurofeedback is very effective in many areas, including Anxiety, Depression, TBI, PTSD, ADD/ADHD and Substance Abuse.

Psychiatric Services

We are accepting new patients ages 15 and older . Our services include medication management, counseling, ADHD testing, disability assessments and more


Complementary &
Integrative Medicine

Dr. Germaine Hawkins promotes proper diet, nutrition and preventive measures in achieving total wellness. Although Dr Hawkins is very experienced in psychiatric medication management he also understands that what we put in our bodies may directly effect out overall physical and mental well-being. He encourages amino acids, B vitamins, herbal and nutritional supplementation to complement conventional medication. His passion led him to develop his two signature proprietary formulations, Advyndra®, metabolic brain optimization supplement and Serinytex®, all natural sleep support. His products have benefitted many existing patients , in many cases, being beneficial in their taking lower doses of their prescribed medications.

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TMS Therapy

For your convenience we offer TMS at two locations: our main office in North Arlington and our secondary location, the TMS Depression Center of Mansfield


Our experience with MCN microcurrent neurofedback is significant: over 85% of clients begin to observe a noticeable positive response in 1-3 session

Just For Veterans

MAJ Hawkins, a veteran as well, has seen vast improvements with TMS therapy and MCN in veterans suffering depression and PTSD respectively


What Our Patients
Say About Us?

Since opening our doors in 2004, we have taken pride ourselves on the highest standard of quality healthcare when meeting the needs of our patients needs. We look forward to assisting you and making you a satisfied patient as well!

Innovative and Helpful


Telepsychiatry, also known as e-psychiatry, is an innovative practice in healthcare that applies telemedicine to the field of psychiatry. Using telecommunications technology combined with videoconferencing, telepsychiatry can involve providing a range of services including psychiatric evaluations, therapy (individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy), patient education and medication management. Some benefit of telepsychiatry include

  • Improve access to mental health specialty care that might not otherwise be available (e.g., in rural areas)
  • Bring care to the patient’s location
  • Reduce the need for trips to the emergency room
  • Reduce potential transportation barriers, such as lack of transportation or the need for long drives
  • Reduce delays in care
  • Reduce the barrier of stigma

We at Hawkins Psychiatry understand the challenges that distance can bring when finding a mental health provider. For this reason we offer telepsychiatry for patients for your convenience. We utilize only HIPPA compliant videoconferencing during designated hours during the week and on Saturdays.

Patient would have to consent prior to entering room

My Biography

Introducing Dr. Germaine B Hawkins

Dr. Germaine B Hawkins , D.O. is a General Adult Psychiatrist and proud veteran of the US Army Reserve Medical Corps where he gained invaluable experience treating soldiers dealing with  Major Depression, PTSD and TBI.  In addition to medication management, Dr. Hawkins  also offers TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) for patients suffering from treatment resistant depression and Micro Current Neurofeedback for those suffering from anxiety disorder, addiction and other psychiatric conditions. We are pleased to announce we have now opened our secondary location specializing in Neuromodulation Medicine, TMS Depression Center of Mansfield, located in the Methodist Mansfield Professional Building I. Dr. Hawkins has over 17 years experience treating adults and adolescents (ages 15 and over) suffering from various neuropsychiatric conditions including bipolar disorder, ADHD, anxiety disorders, autism, schizophrenia  and addiction disorders.

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We are Accepting New Patients Ages 15 and Older

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